Authentic Mexican Recipes -


Contributor: Marian

1 cup lard
6 cups masa harina mix
8 cups of chicken broth (or if you have cooked up meat for your tamale filling, use that)
2 T Red (not hot) chile powder
1 T Ground Cumin
2 T Garlic Salt

I use my Kitchen Aid heavy stand mixer to make life easier! Put broth and masa mix into bowl. Mix with the flat attachment until thoroughly mixed. Mixture should be fairly moist, like a thick pudding.

Remove this mixture and put aside. Rinse the bowl, and then replace the flat attachment with the wire wisk. Place lard in bowl and mix until lard is fluffy. Put the flat attachment back on and add masa mixture a cup at a time. Once it is all in, let the mixer go at it for about 8 minutes.